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  • I've never done Pilates before. Will I be ok?
    The great news is that Pilates truly is for everybody! No matter your age, fitness level, flexibility, experience or gender. You are welcome to start with Matwork or Reformer and see which style you prefer. I also offer Stretch & Tone & Barre that is suitable for everyone.
  • Do I need to be a dancer to benefit and enjoy Barre?
    Absolutly not! I have never had a dance lesson in my life. Even though some of the movements draw inspiration from Ballet, rest assured the focus on the class is a Pilates based workout. I use upbeat music during these classes to keep the energy (and the heart rate) high.
  • What class should I start with, Matwork or Reformer?
    Both are excellent! We recommend a combination of both Mat and Reformer classes for optimal Pilates benefits. Both class types will work the whole body strongly. Pilates on the mat uses body resistance and props, whilst the Reformer machine uses springs as resistance. In my personal experience, I tend to direct most clients recovering from injuries to Reformer. That is not to say that it is the only choice. However the very small class size also gives me a lot more opportunity to work through injury concerns with you. I also find Reformer is a great option if increasing strength is your goal. If you are just wanting to add some movement to your life and perhaps work on your pelvic floor then Matwork and Barre are great for you. These classes can still be as challenging as you like/need and certainly are not to be underestimated.
  • Can I attend if I have an injury?
    Yes you can! Pilates is designed to be gentle on the joints and great for improving joint pain, such as lower back, knee, neck, etc. I am excellent at modifying exercises for injuries. I will usually gain an understanding of your body and its limits fairly quickly, but it is great to get into the habit of informing me of your injuries before a class starts, as this will help me to be prepared with a modification for you (if needed). In saying this, you must have medical clearance from a doctor or medical professional to attend group Pilates classes. Whilst I do modify for injuries, I reserve the right to recommend you attend clinical Pilates classes at another studio if your injury is too debilitating for a group fitness class.
  • How many sessions a week should I attend?
    Like anything, the more you do the better you become. I recommend you attend at least twice a week to see the change and feel the difference that Pilates can make to your mind and body. If you have more time available, we recommend three sessions a week to see a faster transformation. This will give you optimum benefit in terms of strength and reduction of postural issues such as pain. Combining 1 or 2 Reformer sessions with 1 or 2 Matwork or Barre classes a week is the perfect balance.
  • I don't know much about Pilates. What is?
    Pilates is different from other types of exercise for so many reasons. Pilates improves flexibility, endurance, core control and muscle strength, all whilst being low impact, gentle on joints and improving posture, which reduces the chance of injury. Pilates involves a strong mind-body connection, as well as improving breathing and it can be practiced throughout all stages of life! Imagine all the best benefits every form of exercise has to offer, put these benefits all together and you get Pilates! I offer Mathwork based classes (performed on a mat on the ground) and Reformer Pilates performed on a Reformer machine using springs and pulleys for resistance.
  • What are those machines in the studio all about?
    The machines are called reformers. A reformer class involves performing Pilates Matwork exercises on a piece of equipment, similar to a bed which has moving parts, springs and straps to help assist in movement. The reformer was actually designed to make Pilates' Matwork exercises more accessible for all. For example, as reformer machines are about chair height off the ground, it is much easier to get on and off than the floor. The moving parts, springs and straps on a reformer machine can be a little scary, until you understand how they work. That is why we recommend attending an Introductory class if you have never done any reformer Pilates before, as you will learn all about the machine during this session.
  • How do I book in?
    From January 2023, all bookings will be managed via the Momence booking system. There is a free App available (Momence) which is the easiest way for you to handle your bookings. As I will be migrating all of the existing client data over to this platform, please bare with me over this time. I will provide updates to show you how to make bookings. I am more than happy to assist you with any questions you have on using the booking system, however I do ask that you self manage your bookings and class pass purchases. Please ensure you have turned on your notifications in your Momence App to stay up to date with any class or waitlist changes. All of our classes are pre-booked online through the website, or the Momence app (download it free from your app store). To book in via the app, please search for Pulse Pilates by the Sea and log in. If it's your first time booking, you will need a Momence account which can be set up via my website link. Once you are logged in, select the word Book, and then select Schedule to book. Or, if booking online, visit our Timetable, Pricing or Book Now pages on our website to get the ball rolling. You will see when you go to book that we’re using new language to describe our services. All of you are our members, so you all hold a membership! Under this system, passes are now referred to as ‘packages’. Please note, clients are responsible for their own bookings – we don’t handle bookings via email, phone or social media.
  • Where are you located?
    The studio is located at 8/56 Bourbong St Bundaberg CBD. We are located UPSTAIRS from Target. Simply enter Target Arcade from Bourbong St entry and walk up the red stairs on the left hand side. You will find the studio at the first door at the top of the stairs. There is ample street parking available nearby, just watch some areas that have a 1Hr time limit. If you search Google/Apple Maps for Pulse Pilates by the Sea it will deliver you right to us.
  • How long do the classes run for?
    All classes (unless otherwise stated) run for 45Min. Please ensure you are on time so you can enjoy the full class.
  • How can I contact you?
    The best way to reach me is via email at Please note that I do instruct a lot of classes each day so it can take a little time for me to respond. If your matter is urgent I can be reached on 0431 589 795 and I will return your call as soon as I can. I also have active social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram which I regularly check for messages. If you are trying to reach me to cancel a class booking, please do so via the Momence App.
  • What should I wear?
    As you will do a lot of body movement, I suggest you wear something comfortable like exercise tights and a comfy top. You don't want to feel awkward in class worrying about your clothing. We don't wear shoes in the studio but all classes do require the use of socks for hygiene and safety reasons. Pilates grip socks are recommended and are ESSENTIAL for all Reformer classes. I sell MoveActive grip socks in the studio (they truly are the best) if you have forgotten yours or need an update. They do become a bit addictive with all their fun patterns.
  • What types of Pilates classes do you offer?
    We offer a variety of intimate, small group classes. There is something for everyone. CLASS TYPES: - Reformer - Matwork - Mums & Bubs - Barre - Stretch & Tone We know that each individual body is beautifully unique. My classes have been designed with this in mind, smaller class sizes allow for movement correction and personalisation where needed. Because of this I have strict class cap limits which are set to ensure you get the most out of the class. For Reformer this is limited to 4 Clients, and all other Matwork/Barre bases classes are limited to 10. Mums and Bubs Matwork is capped at 8. You can book directly into the classes (or view the timetable and pricing) via the timetable link on this website. Or simply download the Momence App from your App Store.
  • What facilities do you have available?
    The studio has shared bathroom facilities located in the main hallway. Please use the key provided in the studio. Our main studio space is large and spacious so you won't feel cramped with the person beside you. We are also air-conditioned and have ceiling fans and ample lighting. If you are coming from work or headed out after, there are facilities available for you to change. In either the shared bathrooms and usually in the back office.
  • What do I need to bring?
    For your safety and hygiene, we are a socks-on studio. Please bring your Pilates socks (or you can purchase these in studio), plus water and a small towel. Comfortable, breathable activewear is recommended. A water bottle is recommended. You are welcome to bring a towel if you wish, particularly for cardiovascular classes, such as HIIT and Barre. For the studio based classes I supply all the mats/equiptment you will use. However if you are attending a Beachside/Outdoor class please bring along your own mat. And most importantly, don't forget your SMILE.
  • I'm booked into an outdoor class and the weather has turned bad?
    Don't panic. If we are experiencing bad weather or it is looking likely, the outdoor class will be cancelled and you will NOT lose your class credit. Please keep an eye on the booking system for notifications if I have had to cancel a class. Sometimes this can happen only an hour before the class sadly.
  • How soon can I start Pilates after giving birth?
    You can start doing Pilates as soon as you are cleared by your medical practitioner. This is usually not until six weeks postnatal, if not longer. If you have never done Pilates before or if it has been a while between sessions, we highly recommend you attend your first class without bub if at all possible.
  • Can I bring my children along to class?
    Due to safety reasons, classes do not allow for children to be present. This also allows you and those around you the chance to workout distraction and interruption free. Older children are welcome provided they are ok to sit "quietly" in the entry area. This is for their safety and that of those around them as well as the enjoyment of the other clients in the class. They are not permitted to run around the studio or play on the reformers.
  • I'm pregnant. Can I still attend?
    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Your body will be going through so many incredible changes over the coming weeks and you may start to notice some unwanted aches and pains creeping in. Pilates is safe to continue during pregnancy (always check with a health professional) however once you reach 13Wk we do have to make some major changes to the movements you partipate in. Currently I don't offer a pregnancy specific class (this can change if there is demand) so I will need to modify your workout within the regular class. I will do my best to deliver this to you easily but please be aware in the peak class times with a full class it can be a little bit more "clunky" getting you set up for some exercises whilst instructing the other clients too. As a general rule, you will not partake in any abdominal focused workouts from the 2nd trimester.
  • How much do your classes cost?
    I offer a range of pricing options to suit your movement goals. From casual packs as well our our cost effective weekly memberships. The best way to get started is with our "Pulse Pack" which is designed for new clients to the studio. Simply head to the new client tab on the website for more details. To see the full pricing options and find one that suits you, please follow the link under the timetable/booking tab.
  • Do you offer refunds or transfers of class passes?
    The short answer to this is NO and this is outlined in detail in the booking terms which you agreed to when purchasing your pack. If you change your mind or decide you now want your friend etc to use your unused credits, this is not permitted.
  • How do I cancel my booking?
    Please do not use social media or email to cancel your booking, as cancelling via our booking system is much faster and again allows a client on the waitlist to be given a space in the class automatically. To cancel your classes, please follow these steps: Via the website: Visit Sign in Click 'My events' Click cancel on the class you need to cancel Via your app: On the ‘Home’ page, click on the Scout Logo under ‘Book’. Click on the class you wish to cancel under the Upcoming For You heading.
  • How does the waitlist work?
    Firstly, don’t be afraid to waitlist! While there is no absolute guarantee, it is very likely that you will be added to the class from a waitlist. So, if a class is full, please add your name to a waitlist. When a space becomes available you will be notified by email and a push notification via the Momence booking app. Please note it is your responsibility to check these notifications, as cancellation penalties still apply to waitlist classes. Please only waitlist if you know you can attend the class if a space becomes available. If you receive a notification that you have a spot in a class and want to attend, no action is required to accept the booking; you are automatically added to the class. If you receive a notification that you have a spot in a class and are unable to attend, please cancel out as soon as possible so that the space can be offered to the next person on the list. However please note that the 12HR cancellation policy STILL applies. There is no penalty for cancelling out of a class if you are added with insufficient notice from a waitlist. If you receive an email within 2 hours or less of the class commencing stating that you now have a spot in the class you will NOT forfeit your class pass for not attending the class. However, you still need to cancel the reservation in order for the next person to be added to the class. If you are added to a class with more than 12 hours notice and then cancel out of the class within 12 hours of the class start time, this qualifies as a late cancellation and our cancellation policy will apply. We ask you to please treat classes you are waitlisted for as booked classes. If you are on a waitlist for a class and have planned something else during that class time, please take yourself off the waitlist for this class. This ensures fairness for all members. There is no penalty for removing yourself from the waitlist.
  • Do my class passes expire?
    Yes, they do. At the time of purchase you will clearly see the expiry/validity period of ALL class packs. These are to be adhered to unless extenuating circumstances arise. Please don't wait until your pack expired because life simply got in the way and you didn't use your classes. There are so many class times and styles on offer each and every week to ensure you have the chance to use your class pass at. If you are very unwell or will be absent due to a lengthy holiday etc, please contact me to discuss suitable options.
  • I am new, do you offer a free class trial?
    I do not offer free class trials for a number of reasons. The main one being the amount of no shows that occur when someone hasn't actually "paid" for a class. I do however offer a New Client trial pack knows as a "Pulse Pass". This 5 class pass lets you experience everything the studio has to offer over 14 days for a great price. Head to the New Client tab on the website for more info.
  • What if I need to cancel my booking?
    To promote fairness and provide all members the greatest chance to attend their desired class/es, we enforce a strict 12 HR cancellation policy. If you are unable to attend a class, we kindly ask that you cancel online outside the 12 Hour cancellation window, via the booking App, to avoid forfeiting your class credit and allow our clients on the waitlist the opportunity to attend a class. To summarise, to avoid a fee, you must cancel your class via our booking app a minimum of 12 Hours before your booked class commences. Class cancellation penalty: If you cancel a class within 12 Hours of the class starting, this is considered a late cancel and you will FORFEIT your class credit for that class. If you do not cancel your class and do not show up for the class, this is considered a no-show and you will FORFEIT your class credit for that class. If you are added to the class from the waitlist, the 12 Hour cancellation policy still applies.
In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body.
- Joseph Pilates
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