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Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Safe yet challenging 45 Minute workouts designed specifically for new and expecting Mamas. These specially programmed classes will give you the movement your body needs, and the confidence to move safely and feel strong through your prenatal and postnatal journey.

Please contact me directly to discuss options for pregnancy safe Pilates options.

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Pilates Mat - Mama

Postnatal Pilates Mat class for Mama & Her Minis. 

Exercises in this Pilates Mat class are specifically tailored for post pregnancy and each class is designed to safely strengthen, tone, and reshape your body. This is the perfect class to begin with once you've been cleared by your health care professional.


You can enjoy the gentle return to exercise knowing your new addition is safe by your side. Feel free to bring a pram or playmat to make your little one comfortable. 

Pilates Reformer - Mama

This Reformer Pilates class is tailored to those mums who have recently had a baby and are looking to get their body safely moving again. Now is the time to embrace your postpartum body and I will ensure you feel safe and comfortable while gently getting back into exercise post bub. 


With a maximum of 4 clients per class, these classes will give new Mama’s the support and instruction they need to redevelop core strength, pelvic stability, posture, and flexibility. They also provide a great reason to get out of the house and meet other new Mama’s. 

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