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Relax. Recentre. Rebalance. RESTORE.

Our studio specialises in offering deeply relaxing Yin Yoga classes. Offering sessions that restore, nourish, and calm the nervous system while also gently stretching out the physical body.

Yoga works on the balance of opposites, Yin and Yang. In our studio, the physical requirements of Pilates form the Yang, and this is balanced out with the regular practice of Yin.

This reminds us that life is all about balance, because you can't have Yin without Yang. 



Relax. Recentre. Rebalance. RESTORE.


Yin yoga is all about creating balance in the body, the mind, and the emotions. In this 60Min class, you will be guided to still the mind and the body whilst finding space within. While most yoga practices will stretch and strengthen the muscles, Yin Yoga explores longer holding of poses to bring the stretch into deeper connective tissue.


Yin yoga is both gentle and appropriate for all levels of students, from total beginners to experienced practitioners to athletes and seniors or even people with injuries and movement limitations.


Yin yoga is perfect for those who want to:

  • Balance a more energetic exercise routine

  • Increase flexibility

  • Keep joints healthy and mobile

  • Improve posture

  • Release trauma and emotions that become stored in the body

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