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Meet our Instructors

Our small team of passionate, qualified and experienced Pilates instructors provide expertly taught Reformer, Matwork and Barre classes. Our various backgrounds, experiences and knowledge ensures that each instructor brings something unique and beautiful to the studio and your classes. Delivering the highest quality of classes whilst making them fun is our goal.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful friendly boutique studio. 



Founder & Owner

Instructor - Reformer & Matwork

Teaching Pilates is my passion and I truly believe it's my purpose. Beginner or pro, I can't wait to share in your Pilates journey..

I fell in love with the many varied benefits of Pilates after it was recommended in my recovery from a back injury as well as to keep me strong pre and post the birth of my 2 children.  

My fave prop is the small ball and my fave Pilates series is anything feet in straps (if you know, you know). My instructing style is very hands on and encouraging with the addition of focused verbal cues to help you get the most out of the class.


Some of my clients call me the "Smiling Assassin" while I skilful assassinate and strengthen their sleepy glutes whilst always maintaining my perky tone and beaming smile. 

As an adventure seeking Sagittarius, I live for travel and if I don't have at least one trip planned each year my soul aches. We spontaneously left the hustle and bustle of Brisbane behind and relocated to the Bundy region in 2021. When I'm not sharing my love of pilates, you will usually find me on the beach or living my best Mum life with my two young children, Husband, our Mini Schnauzer and flock of fluffy chickens

(I'm a self confessed crazy chicken lady). 


Instructor - Barre & Matwork

If I’m not in the studio practicing Pilates or Yoga right along side you, you’ll find me studying Ayurveda incorporating my background as a Chef, or immersed in something to do with art or travel. 

Freedom and stability across your full range of movement working with your body, is key to what I offer. I do it because I love it, and it is important to me that you do too.


I like to keep you on your toes with props both at the Barre and on the mat! I love them all.


The focus is clear, the challenge is to embrace what presents itself and find that with practice, enjoyment comes from developing your relationship to each one.

Together I’ll help you get there!



Instructor - Reformer & Matwork

"I have been a Pilates fan for many years. Through life's up and downs, injury and those dreaded hormonal changes. No matter how you are feeling, there is always a connection to be found and benefited from. 

I believe Pilates provides the perfect physical support for all of life's occasions and challenges. Pilates makes me stronger, keeps me flexible and recharges my batteries.

I promise it will do the same for you".

 Brenda brings with her experience in both Reformer and Matwork.. Her classes are known for her signature deep stretches which provide the perfect compliment to the physical challenge of Pilates. Especially after a carefully programmed class using the Pilates Circle.

Originally hailing from the UK, she moved to the region after almost 20 years residing in Brisbane. As a proud Mother and Grandmother, Brenda thrives on spending time with her beloved family. Brenda also works locally as a certified Marriage Celebrant. 


Instructor - Barre

"I love instructing Barre! It brings me such joy and gratitude to empower my clients and witness their growth.

Guiding clients through movement and watching them achieve beyond their own expectations is the most fulfilling feeling. 

You will likely find sliders are used in a lot of my classes as they are a fun and versatile prop. And they certainly bring the burn!"

And when she's not at the Barre you will find Tiff running rings around her opponents on the Soccer field or spending time with her Fiancé' and fur child. All this whilst juggling FT employment and completing a University degree!



Instructor - Reformer

Pilates have been a part of my life for many years now. I love to strengthen and lengthen my body in a low-impact, nourishing way that allows the space to embrace the mind and body connection. 


Second only to my love of practising and improving my own pilates ability, is the joy I get from guiding client’s through their own. 


I love a challenge and this has become a focus of my classes; challenging  and supporting each person to surprise themselves in their own ways, at their own pace *insert teaser progression!!*


I’m a big fan of a good plank, a side split and, of course, a classic ab curl! My goal is that you leave my classes feeling that your body did you proud. 


Peaceful movement is spacial to me, so when I’m not at the studio, you’ll usually find me walking near the water, or looking for a hill to climb! 

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