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If you're ready for an extra side of fun with your spicy workout, then Barre is for you.

This class is a dynamic fusion of Pilates and basic Ballet principles which will improve your posture and balance while building cardiovascular endurance. This fast-paced, energetic style of workout will get the heart pumping, leaving you feeling energised and empowered after every class.



Barre is a fun, choreographed fusion of Mat Pilates, functional movement and dance elements that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up. 

With a big smile and plenty of fun along the way, your butt, legs and arms will be shaking by the end of each Barre class (in the best way possible).  A truly dynamic yet low impact class that will challenge even the smallest of hidden muscles. With upbeat music keeping your energy levels up, you will use a variety of small equipment such as balls, bands, sliders and weights and the of course the ballet Barre, as you build strength and flexibility. 


The best part is you need ZERO dance experience to benefit from and enjoy this class. Whilst a portion of the class is performed at the barre, you will also spend time on the mat ensuring a full body workout in every class!

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