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Matwork Pilates

These 45 Minute signature Pilates Mat classes will engage your core unlike anything you have experienced before! Working with your own body resistance is certainly challenging, however,

there are levels and options available for every ability.

Through the use of simple props, we will work every muscle in your body leaving you feeling 

lengthened, strong and worked after every class. 

Pilates Mat - Classic

A FULL BODY Pilates workout, performed on the mat. 

With an emphasis on core strength, this signature class offers a fresh blend of classical and contemporary Mat Pilates designed to strengthen your whole body.

This class will challenge every muscle in the body as it is lengthened, strengthened, and toned. Using your own body weight and a variety of Pilates props, these classes will tone your body as well as improve your flexibility, balance, stability, and coordination.


This class is suitable for all levels, from absolute beginner to complete Pilates addict. Also suitable for pregnancy following initial discussion.

Bundaberg Pilates

Pilates Mat -
Strength & Stretch

A must add into ANY fitness program, this class will provide "balance" to your workout week. This class is the perfect blend of challenging and effective Pilates movements designed for strengthening, coupled with deeper more dynamic stretches to release and restore.


Performed on the mat and with the assistance of a variety of props, you will move through a series of dynamic stretches, gentle movement, and breath work.


This class aims to provide length, release and space throughout the body and restore peace in the mind. Don’t be fooled, this class still delivers the strength challenges you would expect from Pilates, but adds the perfect complement to your regular movement.


This class is best for intermediate level Pilates enthusiasts who do not require injury modifications. 

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