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Reformer Pilates

In a 45 Minute Reformer class, be prepared to tone, lengthen and strengthen! Pilates on the Reformer uses springs and pulleys to provide resistance whilst lying on the reformer.

All of your muscles will be worked in a low-impact way and there are moves and positions for all ability levels.

With a maximum of 5 clients per class and a variety of styles on offer, these small group classes are perfect to

help you achieve your fitness or strength goals without fear of getting lost in a crowded class..

Pilates Reformer - Pulse

Our signature class, Reformer Pulse is a complete full body workout on the reformer that tones, lengthen and strengthens your body like nothing else.


This intermediate level class is perfect if you have previous experience using the reformer or want to try something more dynamic. We can accomodate new movers, but do require a fair level of fitness to ensure we can bring you up to class level as seamlessly as possible.


These classes focus on technique enhancement, layering progressions and increasing strength by building resistance with more complex movements. With a wide range of props used to increase the workout.


This class is not suitable during the third trimester of pregnancy or for those clients needing assistance with spring changes or injury modifications. 


Pilates Reformer - Classic 

Our Reformer Classic class is open to everyone. This class focuses on fundamental Pilates principles, functional movement, building body awareness and refining your technique. Perfect for beginners through to intermediate. 


Don’t be fooled, our Classic class isn’t EASY, however, we offer regressions and progressions, making it suitable for a wider audience. In this class you are encouraged to move at your own pace.


This class focuses on the Pilates Principles of centring; control; concentration; precision; breath and flow. To improve your core strength, balance, alignment, and overall muscle tone.


With a maximum of 5 clients per class, extra care is taken in these classes to focus on technique and breathing to ensure you get the foundations right.

Pilates Reformer -
Pulse PLUS

This intermediate level Pilates class is designed for those who have Pilates experience and want to take their practice to the next level. 


In this level of class, you’ll build on your existing Pilates skills by performing more complex movements requiring more strength, co-ordination and control. The exercises taught at this level will be more varied and likely work multiple areas of your body at once, but still stay true to the fundamentals of Pilates exercise. 


You will be expected to have some existing knowledge of basic Pilates exercises and ideally have completed at least 10 of our Reformer - Pulse level classes to know how to best set-up your body to keep good form in each exercise. Progression will further develop your strength, balance, coordination, and body awareness in more challenging exercises.


This class is not suitable during pregnancy or for clients needing injury modifications. Very few modifications are offered in this class. 


Pilates Reformer - GLOW

Dynamic, flowing and plenty of glowing. This Reformer Pilates class is designed to make you glow from the inside out! 

Think nourishing contemporary flows, full body strength training, bursts of cardio and enough endorphins to leave you floating out of the studio. And don’t forget that post class rosy cheek glow!


This class is suitable for all fitness levels (but not suitable for Pilates beginners) and will increase your energy, improve your fitness and strengthen your core giving your workout a signature glow-up. 


With a strong emphasis on flow and technique, this class is a true fusion of classical and dynamic Pilates exercises, incorporating a wide range of Pilates props including weights, ball and jump board.


Pilates Reformer - Private

New to Reformer Pilates? Not keen on a group class? Have considerable movement restriction or injury? Keen to workout with a small group of family/friends in a Semi Private class?


No problem! Our private lessons are ALL ABOUT YOU!

Take you Pilates Reformer practice to the next level with sessions available in Single, Duo, Trio or Quad  format. Indulge yourself in a single session, or perhaps bring along a partner or friends for a private group workout like no other.


They provide the most individual attention and the exercises and programs can be modified to target certain areas, address specific desires, or accommodate injuries or limitations. This focused attention can enhance your understanding of Pilates techniques, help you progress faster and allow you to fee morel confident with the Reformer movements.


Private training allows you to get the most our of your Pilates practice and gives you a better understanding of the principles of Pilates and movement on the reformer before you transition into group classes should you wish to do so.

Please contact me directly to discuss availability and pricing.

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